.JFC – Sunbeam targets
.Global Communication – 0:54
.The Art of Noise – Moments in love (45 rpm)
.Dan the Automator – Relaxation spa treatment
.Chic – Flashback (Golf Channel Edit)
.Georgie Red – Help the man (instr.)
.Venus Gang – Love to fly
.Cat Stevens – Was A Dog A Doughnut
.Yasuko Agawa – L.A. nights
.Abraham – Magpie (Morgan Geist Remix)
.Mike Oldfield – Bad news
.Flash and the Pan – Walking in the rain
.Frontera – Walking in the rain
.Ace – How long
.Kenneth Bager feat. Nikolaj Grandjean and Jean Luc Ponty – Love won’t leave me alone



El Greco said...

All right!!


Don't loose the mood

Frederico said...


Grande desvio...

Força ai que está muito bom.

Abraços e bom natal

Hugo Pinto said...

Long time no see, Jolas!

Boas festas ;)